KAT KTMP1 Electronic Drum & Percussion Pad Sound Module w/Bonus RIS Pick 00019239410382

The KAT Percussion KTMP1 Multipad drum module is one of those rare and useful instruments that you can put to work in many ways. For instance, maybe you’re a drummer who wants to add electronic sounds to an acoustic kit. The KTMP1 is perfect for the job. Perhaps your a hand percussionist in need of a way to trigger a wider range of tones. This percussion pad will do the trick. You could be a DJ looking for a big setup of pads to fire off samples via MIDI, or you could be a gigging drummer who likes to travel light, or you could be a student who’s just bored of playing on a practice pad. In any event, we’re sure you’ll dig the KAT Percussion KTMP1 Multipad.

Product Features

  • An awesome alternative to a typical practice pad
  • Grab-and-go drums for all kinds of gigs
  • Flesh out your acoustic kit with cool electronic sounds
  • A compact electronic drum pad and percussion instrument anyone can afford
  • Play the 4 velocity-sensitive pads with sticks, mallets, or your hands