Aboodah concert percussion 14 Inch Steel Tongue Drum Hangpan Drum 15-Notes C-Key Percussion Instrument with Mallets Drum Bag Wiping Cloth for Musical Education Concert Mind Healing Yoga Meditation

Drum Size: 14inch
Color: Black/ Yellow/ Purple/ Blue/ Gold (optional)
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Size: 35.6 * 18.2cm / 14 * 7.2in
Item Weight: 3900g / 137.6oz
Package Size: 40.5 * 39.5 * 23.5cm / 15.9 * 15.6 * 9.3in
Package Weight: 5188g / 183oz

Package List:
1 * Steel Tongue Drum
1 * Drum Bag
1 * Shoulder Strap
2 * Drum Mallets
1 * Drum Mallets Bag
1 * Drum Wiping Cloth
1 * Music Score

Before use, please tear off the protective film on the surface of notes.

Product Features

  • Made of high-quality alloy steel material, with fine finished surface, delicate and corrosion resistant.
  • With a total of 15 tones in C key, the tongue drum has a wider range of sound and can be played more music.
  • Size in 14inch, providing a louder sound. When playing the steel tougue drum, a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound will be reverberating in the air.
  • Having a sound stopper on the back, with a hidden fuction: changing the timbre of the Steel Tougue Drum. When sound stopper is installed, the timbre is fuller and deeper, the sustain tone is short, suitable for playing modern pop music; as sound stopper is disassembled, the timbre is clearer, louder and longer, suitable for playing Chinese classical music.
  • Suit for a variety of fields, such as music education, percussion concert, mind healing, yoga meditation and so on. Package comes with drum mallets, carrying bag and drum wiping cloth as extra gifts.