Meinl Stick & Brush Kinetic Drum Key with Black Nickel Plated Finish – Extra Weight For Stability (SB501)

At 75 grams, The Meinl Kinetic key is one of the heaviest on the market. The added mass allows it to stay in position while enabling quick drumhead changes. Available in Chrome or Black nickel finish.

Product Features

  • Weighted wing design: The Meinl Kinetic key packs more weight than your average drum key to give you a better grip on lugs for easier tuning – the weight also allows you to keep it on your drum without it vibrating off while playing
  • Quick head changes: tuning and changing drum heads is made easier with the Meinl drum key
  • Oversized handle: the handle is based off the official Meinl logo and is oversized in order to fit firmly in the hand during use
  • Black nickel finish: This drum key features a black nickel finish that looks sharp when left attached to a lug – grab the key when a quick tuning fix is needed
  • A must-have for all drummers: all drummers, beginner or professional, should have an assortment of drum keys in their Gig Bag