Thumb Finger Picks Plectrum With Plastic Picks Case, SUNLP Stainless Steel Metal Celluloid Guitar thumb finger picks and Free 8pcs 0.46mm Guitar Picks For Mandolin Banjo Harp Thumb Finger Picks

SUNLP Thumb and Finger Picks Plectrum is used as Mandolin picks, Banjo picks, Guitar nails…


4pcs Stainless Steel Metal finger picks 2pcs Celluloid thumb picks+6pcs Celluloid finger picks 8pcs 0.46mm (soft) guitar picks with reinforced plastic picks case which possess the advantages of easy carrying, tight packing and space saving and convenient to access. The color of Durable and Size Adjustable Thumb and Finger Picks are mix.

NOTE: The Color will be chosen randomly,and picks color may not be same with image. 

Material of our celluloid thumb finger picks have good heat distortion, and Stainless steel Metal Finger picks have good elasticity , you can adjust size as you need easily.


STEP 1: Use boiled water to soak finger picks for a moment.

STEP 2: If it is too big, tighten it with a rubber band, use something larger to stretch it if you feel it is too small.

STEP 3: Use a hair drier to blow it with hot air for a while.

STEP 4: Take it off after cooling then you can shape the size of it.

STEP 5: Start Playing!

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: Are you being bothered that the finger picks are unsuitable with your finger size? Our thumb finger picks are made of Stainless Steel Celluloid Material, which can adjust size easily. And the thumb picks are COMFORTABLE to wear and can ALLEVIATE finger ache while long-time practice
  • EXCELLENT TONE: Play instruments with thumb finger picks can achieve louder sound, clear and bright treble, it could also ramp up your playing speed
  • DURABLE & SMOOTH: 1.5mm thickness celluloid material with high strength contribute to durable of our guitar nails (Other’s picks only 1.0mm). Smooth surface and clean edge prevent from hunting your fingers and the thickness of Stainless Steel Metal finger picks is 0.3mm
  • FREE GIFTS: 8pcs drop-shaped celluloid picks 0.46mm (soft) are usually used for sweep picking
  • PICKS CASE CAN STORE MORE SPARE PICKS AT HOME OR CARRY EASILY: We made of super durable reinforced plastics, which have passed drop test, and 100% assure that you will not receive picks with a pile of plastic fragments. What’s more, your case will not open suddenly while you are carrying them out