SX LAP 1 NAT Natural Lap Steel Guitar w/Free Detachable Stand and Padded Carry Bag

This full size mahogany body lap steel features 36 frets and offers a single coil pickup for clear and bright sound. Unlike a typical guitar, the strings of a lap steel are not pressed to a fret when sounding a note; rather, the player holds a metal slide called a steel (or tone bar) in one hand, which is moved along the strings to change the instrument’s pitch while the other hand plucks or picks the strings. It is perfect for Blues, Rock, Hawaiian, Country, Bluegrass, and Western Swing. This lap steel has a fully adjustable bridge that allows you to adjust overall string height and individual string intonation. The strings are spaced widely, with 3/8″ between each one. This makes it very easy and enjoyable to play.

Product Features

  • Full Size, 36 Frets, Lap Steel Guitar!
  • Free Carry Bag and Detachable Stand Included.
  • Beautiful Mahogany Body with Rosewood Fretboard.
  • Diecast Chrome Tuners, Pickup Covers, Volume and Tone Controls.
  • The Single Coil Pickup w/ 8K ohm Resistance.