Modal Electronics Argon8 37-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer

Modal Electronics has poured its history of design innovation into the Argon8, a proudly digital 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. Complex in character and massive in sound, Argon 8 is built on a 32-oscillator configuration, which can be played polyphonically, monophonically, in unison, or stacked. The Argon8 is dripping in processors — including de-rez, waveshaping distortion, a robust effects engine, morphable filters, and envelope generators — which can distort and mangle or inspire sublime ambient explorations. A built-in arpeggiator and 512-step sequencer let you generate intricate patterns to evoke classic 80s arp lines or future-facing programming. With a steel and aluminum chassis and bamboo end cheeks, the Argon8 is a durable, furniture-grade synth that looks beautiful in the studio and can withstand night after night of heavy gigging. It also offers ample connectivity to fit snugly into an existing multi-synth setup. GearNuts’s synth enthusiasts are impressed by Argon8’s seemingly endless functionality, which makes it an ideal tool for intrepid sound designers.

Product Features

  • Digital Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer with 32 Oscillats
  • Three Envelope Generats
  • 28 Static Processs
  • 120 Wavetables
  • Step Sequencer