Teenage Engineering ZM-2 Rumble Expansion Module with Silent Metronome for OP-Z Portable Synthesizer

Feel the beat with Teenage Engineering ZM-2 Rumble!

You usually won’t hear ultra-low bass frequencies OP-Z Synthesizer’s speakers. However, ZM-2 uses a combination of high-definition vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology. It enables you to feel ultra-low bass frequencies through kinetic energy. It feels as if you’re holding and listening to a booming subwoofer. Plus, the 10Hz-150Hz frequency response maximizes the overall impact.

The second hardware expansion module is just as easy to install as the ZM-1 Oplab. Before installing ZM-2 Rumble, make sure to update your OP-Z firmware to 1.2.5 or the latest version. Remove the backplate of OP-Z by rotating the yellow rubber bump-ons 90-degrees counterclockwise. Replace the onboard dummy module with ZM-2 Rumble. Make sure ZM-2’s lock is turned all the way counterclockwise before placing the module. When you’ve inserted Rumble, use the Lego leg from the dummy module as a screwdriver to lock in ZM-2. Turn the lock switch 90-degrees clockwise.

You can also use ZM-2 as a silent metronome for OP-Z. Activate this feature by holding the tempo button and turning the yellow dial fully to the right. You can mix the sound and vibration level by pressing the tempo button again but this time turning the red dial to any direction.

Product Features

  • ENABLES YOU TO FEEL YOUR BEATS – The ZM-2 Module has a haptic subwoofer that provides tactile rumble. It utilizes vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology to let you hear bass frequencies.
  • OFFERS ADJUSTABLE RUMBLE LEVELS – You can increase/decrease the output levels of the rumble. You can also turn it off completely by setting it to the lowest level.
  • PROVIDES A SILENT METRONOME – The additional feature makes sure you’re fully aware where the beat is at OP-Z at all times. It helps keep you in time, especially during live performances.
  • PROVIDES MAXIMUM IMPACT – The 10Hz-150Hz frequency response increases the overall physical impact while minimizing energy consumption.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND KEEP IN PLACE – Remove the OP-Z’ backplate and replace the dummy module with ZM-2. Plus, Rumble’s lock switch ensures the module is safely inside the OP-Z always.