Aural Dream Cello Tone Synthesizer Guitar Effects Pedal based on organ including Cello 8′,Theater Cello,Solo Cello 8’and Liturgical Cello with Vibrato and Swell module

Rate: speed adjustment for vibrato module
Am: Control amplitude modulation
Balance: Control the ratio of rotary horn to synthetic sound
Vibrato: Depth adjustment for vibrato module
TYPE1:Cello 8′-1
TYPE2:Solo Cello 8′
TYPE3:Theater Cello
TYPE4:Cello 8′-2
TYPE5:Liturgical Cello
***The digital effect pedal needs to be best connected by Amp’s FX Loop port.

Electronic parameters:
Working voltage: DC9V
Chip inner voltage: 1.8V
Chip outter voltage: 3.3V
DAC SNR: 100dB
Battery: self-provided
Case material: aluminum alloy
Item weight(g): 285
Item size(mm): 120x65x50
Packing weight(g): 400
Packing size(mm): 145x90x60

Product Features

  • -5 optional Cello effect modes
  • -True bypass mode,compact and solid design ;Power saving,the current is only 50mA
  • -Freely control the ratio of rotary horn to synthetic sound.
  • -With amplitude modulation control and built-in Swell module
  • -Vibrato control module for easy depth and rate adjustment.