Alesis SURGE/COMMAND Cymbal Expansion Set: 10 Inch Cymbal, Cymbal Arm, Rack Clamp and 10ft TRS Cable [Compatible with Roland/Yamaha/Simmons/Ion] (10 Inch Cymbal – 21 Inch Arm)

There’s nothing better than more drums! Here’s the fastest and best way to get there:

Add another Alesis 10in Cymbal to your Surge Kit or any other 1 1/2 diameter drum rack with our Alesis Surge Cymbal Expansion Package and enjoy a wider range of sounds from your module. It delivers a great response and feel for a natural drumming experience. It’s a breeze to set up-simply mount it to your rack and you’re set to go. Everything you need comes in the box.

-10 Inch Alesis Cymbal
-Cymbal Arm
-Rack Clamp
-Felt Wingnut
-10ft TRS Cable

Please Note: It is *not* compatible with the Alesis Nitro Kit rack which uses a unique smaller 1 1/4in) clamp. It can be used with the Nitro Kit if you have a Nitro clamp. (not included)
Almost all other electronic drum kits use the 1 1/2 in rack diameter clamps and it is completely compatible with those.

Product Features

  • Includes: 10 Inch Alesis Cymbal, Cymbal Arm, 1 1/2″ Rack Clamp, Felt Wingnut, 10ft TRS Cable. Everything you need comes in the box.
  • Great response and feel for a natural drumming experience
  • Works with virtually all electronic drum sets
  • *Please note – This expansion pack is sold as parts, ie- the manufacturer ships it out in clear plastic only, no commercial packaging.
  • *Not compatible with Alesis Nitro Kit (Nitro Kit uses unusual rack clamps)