Vater Percussion 3S Drumsticks, Wood Tip

wooden drumsticks

Product Features

  • Quantity and Sizing (Pairs) Quantity: 1 Type: Sticks Drum Stick Size: 3S Diameter: .73″ Length: 17-1/4″ Construction and Features Material: Hickory Drum Stick Tip: Multiple Tip Shape: Oval Taper: Short Finish: Lacquer Other Country of Origin: United States Grip Material: No
  • American Hickory dowels have to meet very strict quality characteristics to become a Vater drumstick
  • Vater only uses dowels that have a specific moisture content, straightness and grain structure, to produce a higher quality drumstick
  • These Vater 3S Drumsticks are a very large and beefy stick
  • Great for drum corps and heavy players