Suzuki Musical Instrument 88-Key Digital Pianos – Home MDG-300-BL

Good looks and hi-tech don’t always go hand in hand but the newest addition to the Suzuki family of micro, mini and baby Grand digital pianos is an amazing combination of performance features and stunning appearance. Available in high gloss Black polish the new mdg-300 is perfectly portioned and will add both warmth and charm to your personal environment. Measuring only 2′-4″ Deep, It comfortably fits any room size or décor. Technically speaking, The mdg-300 has enhanced performance features not found on any digital Grand piano in its price range. A full compliment of hi-tech features allow for endless musical possibilities. Sporting Bluetooth compatibility, you can access music, lessons and demonstrations from the internet any way you choose. A true full color LCD control screen makes it easier to organize your selected features. Only the most advanced synthesizers boast 128 note polyphony for incredible full bodied sound. The mdg-300 includes this advanced feature. The piano voice is an amazing 24MB of powerful sound reproduction played through a 6 way stereo sound system. Create your own original compositions with the on-board 3 track music sequencer. Save and store to the secure digital(sd) memory card. The new mdg-300 is a complete entertainment center. It blends perfectly into todays modern living space and lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished musician, The mdg-300 is ready to perform for you. Try one soon and see why you, and your home, will want one! .

Product Features

  • 128 note polyphony ensures no dropped notes even with the most complex piano passages. Digital signal processing (reverb, chorus and EQ) allows you to sound sculpt your performance to your personal style and taste. The layer and split piano functions with sound balance controls beautiful, rich, full sounding instrumentation. Multi-track music recorder allows the beginner or performing musicians to monitor daily progress
  • The mdg-300 features a powerful 6 speaker sound delivery system. High grade speakers and integrated tuned cabinet deliver a truly dynamic sound, rich with presence and power
  • As a tech Titan, the mdg-300 Includes the latest Bluetooth technology. Wireless networking enables any wireless device to connect to your mdg-300 digital Grand piano for expanded and convenient operation
  • Connect the mdg-300 to your iPad and convert it into a recording studio! Makes practice and playing time a lot more fun. If you have kids, it might make all the difference in encouraging them to practice!
  • The mdg-300 has a USB port that opens a world of exciting Add-ons and extra functionality. Plug and play directly with your laptop or desktop computers. Or you can use the midi ports to transmit and receive data from other musical instruments or computer accessories