Sabian QTPC501 Quiet Tone Practice Cymbal Set -Silver- 13″/18″ (QTPC501)

Because other practice cymbals often sound muffled and provide little-to-no sustain, drummers tend to hit harder during practice than they would during a performance. Quiet Tone cymbals are designed to respond and feel more true-to-life, with a distinct, clearly defined bell tone, offering drummers a much more accurate and natural playing environment. Drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint at practice sessions, drum lessons or anytime they need a quiet cymbal. 13″ Hats 18″ Crash Ride

Product Features

  • Greatly reduced sonic footprint
  • Manufactured from tough, durable alloy – dent and stain resistant
  • Perfect for practice and drum lessons
  • Respond and feel like traditional cymbals with clearly defined bell