Roland Sc-88 PRO Sc88PRO Sound Module

Now, with the introduction of the SC-88 Pro, the possibilities for external real-time control of a MIDI sound generator are now virtually limitless. With an expanded sound effects library, 40 megabytes of wave memory (providing 1,117 editable and 256 user sounds) and a computer port designed to interface with your Mac or PC this an invaluable addition to almost any studio. GS Format Before getting into the SC-88 Pro we want to first take a moment to introduce Roland’s GS format. The GS standard has been been around since the SC-55 module was first introduced in 1991, and later enhanced with the introduction of the SC-88 in 1994, and unlike the General MIDI format, which contains 128 preset patches (sounds) and a few drum sets, the GS format is able to include new sounds and support new hardware features when they arrive, and unlike General MIDI the GS sounds can be edited with several filters and effects to get new, custom-made sounds. A recent announcement from Apple Computer that it had licensed the R

Product Features

  • Main Features A re-cap of a few of the main features 1117 Preset sounds 256 User sounds 42 Drum sound sets (including 3 sound effects sets) 2 User drum sound sets 128 Preset Patches (with Effect) 16 User Patches
  • 64 User effects Reverb (8 types) Chorus (8 types) Delay (10 types) 2 band Equalizer Insertion Effect (64 types).
  • (Rear panel) Output 1 – RCA/Phono L/R (Rear panel) Output 2 – RCA/Phono L/R (Front panel) Headphones Audio Input: (Rear panel) Input 1 – RCA/Phono L/R (Rear panel) Input Volume controller MIDI: (Rear panel) In A, In B, Out/Thru (Front panel) In B
  • 654 patches on board: 354 from the SC55 MkII and 300 from JV80.
  • Dimensions: Width 8 5/8″ (217mm) Depth 9 7/8″ (234mm) Height 2 7/8″ (72mm) Weight: 5 lbs. 7 oz. (2.6Kg)