Donner DPA-2 Pedal Power Supply Adapter 9V DC 2A Tip Negative 8 Way Daisy Chain Cables for Effect Pedal

Donner 8 way power cable adapter for use with electric guitar multiple effect pedals. High quality daisy chain with special anti-hum. Power chain DC cables specially designed for guitar players who want to power few pedals at the same time with only one adaptor or one outlet from the power supply. The professional noise isolation performance ensures you a quiet pedal chain condition while you play.

DAP-2 is the latest generation of power supply specially design for pedals.
With a powerful output of up to 2000mA,you can supply power for a whole pedal board, including several digital pedals .
One special features is the filter in the output cable which will reduce high frequency radiation and the noise is one of the quietest power supplies on the market. The standard 9V Power supply Combo Pack consists of a 9V DC Power adapter.

Donner 9 Volt Adapter
The Donner 9 Volt Adapter works with any device requiring tip negative 9V to minimize or eliminate the need to change batteries. It can also be used to power additional 9V tip negative effects pedals.
No Need for Batteries
Dealing with a dead battery in your pedalboard can ruin a performance. With the 9 Volt Adapter you can avoid the headaches of a dead pedal by directly powering it.
Not Just for Pedals
The 9 Volt adapter isn’t just for powering pedals, it can also be used for other manufacturers electronics. The Donner adapter can also be used to power tip negative keyboards.
Professional noise isolation performance
Fit for most brands of guitar effect pedals

Package included:
1 x Donner 9V Power Adapter
1 x 8 way Daisy Chain
2 x Reversed polarity cables
2 x Battery clip cables

Product Features

  • 1.Common mode filter in the output cable with strong anti-inerference capabilities which will reduce high frequency radiation and the noise effective. It is one of the quietest power supplies on the market.
  • 2.You can use the 3.5mm converter to supply power that use in this connector(like EH Big Muff).By using the Multi-Cabledit can supply power between 1 and 8 pedals.
  • 3.Power indicator for quick visual verification of on/off status.
  • 4.The plug has an outside diameter of 5.5mm and inside diameter of 2.1mm. The length is 1.2m.
  • 5.OUTPUT: 9V DC, 2A (2000mA), Tip Negative (-) design. INPUT: 100-240V,50/60 Hz,0.6A