BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Bundle with Blucoil Slim 9V Power Supply AC Adapter, 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables, and 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks

BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Pedal
BOSS introduces its most advanced delay pedal in 2019 with the BOSS DD-8. The compact stompbox features 10s of delay and 11 versatile delay modes. DD-8 produces classic “Analog” Bucket Brigade delay, crystal-clear “Standard” delay, vintage “Tape” based delay, “Warm” digital delay with softer sounds, “Reverse” delay, “+RV” digital delay with reverb, lush pitch-shifted “Shimmer”, digital delay with “Modulation” on repeats, dreamlike “Warp”, and machine-gun-like “Glitch. ” You can also record up to 40s “Loop.”

TECHNICAL SPECS:Pedal Type: Digital Delay, LooperModes: Analog BBD, Standard Digital, Glitch (GLT), Mod, Reverse, +RV, Shimmer, Tape, Warm, WarpDelay Time: 10 Seconds Max | Looping Time: 40 Seconds MaxBypass Switching: Buffered BypassPower Source: 9V 6LR61 Alkaline Battery (Included) or AC AdapterConnectors: 2×1/4″ Inputs, 2×1/4″ (Stereo, Wet/Dry, Mono) Outputs, 1/4″ External Tap/Expression JackDimensions (DxWxH): 5.1×2.9×2.4″Weight: 1 lb

Also Comes With:

Blucoil 9V 670mA Power Supply
The 9V Power Supply ensures the correct amount of power gets transmitted to your electronic devices. It offers protection against short circuits and over-voltage. The power supply features an extra-long 3m cable and a universal input voltage range of 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz. It works with a wide range of effects pedals such as BOSS TR-2 Tremolo, DS-1 Distortion, as well as tip-negative electronic musical instruments that need the same amp requirements and voltage (e.g., DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome).

Blucoil Right-Angled Pedal Patch Cables (2-Pack)
These cables interconnect your effects pedals while ensuring efficient and transparent signal transfer. The oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables make sure that no EMI and RFI noises are muddling your signals.

Get the DD-8 today and receive 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks!

Product Features

  • PRODUCES A DIVERSE SELECTION OF DELAYS – The BOSS DD-8 Pedal offers clean delays, modulation echo, vintage analog, and tape types, as well as shimmers and reverse.
  • OFFERS NEW DELAY MODES – Compared to the older DD-7, the DD-8 pedal has Warp for creating dreamlike music and GLT for producing a machine-gun-like sound.
  • DELIVERS ENHANCED SPATIAL DEPTH – DD-8 offers bigger and better sounds thanks to the pedal’s full stereo inputs and outputs support. You can use the pedal for an endless array of applications such as panning and wide stereo.
  • PROVIDES 40-SECOND LOOPING – The onboard looper has overdub capability so you can loop sounds for up to 40-seconds. Ideal for soundchecks, practices, and backing.
  • INCLUDES – BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal. 9V 6LR61 Battery. Blucoil Power Supply with Slim AC/DC Adapter for 9 Volt DC 670mA with US Plug (Center Negative Polarity). 2-Pack of Blucoil Right-Angled Patch Cables for Effects Pedals. 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks (Assorted Colors).