Beginner Ukulele Soprano 21 Inch Wooden Ukulele Bundle

21inch ukulele

Product Features

  • Selected AAA basswood, 100% solid wood body with a high gloss finish creates clear, crisp and melodious sound. Ebony fingerboard and bridge achieve better resonance
  • With novice essential accessories and at low price, this ukulele will be a good starting instrument and worth giving it a shot to see if it interests you
  • All-in-one – the waterproof nylon Bag offers great protection and portability; The clip-on Tuner with LED display helps you to tune easily; The hook-in strap allows you to play in standing position; the polishing cloth can keep it clean; The extra string gives you one more choice; and the plectrums are simply gifts
  • Everyone can play – children or adults, novices or professionals, the ukulele is suitable for everyone who starts to play a musical instrument
  • Within one month and extra ONE YEAR WARRANTY against manufacture’s defects.