ZHRUNS Digital Piano,88 Heavy Hammer Piano Keys with Touch Response Electric Keyboard Piano/Music Stand+Power Adapter+3 Metal Pedals+Instruction Book,Headphone Jack/MIDI Input/Outputp (Black)

Feature: ♪

Flip Cover Design:
The flip cover can protects the piano buttons from damage and dust, keep it long use, changes the traditional design, which is convenient, beautiful and durable §

Double earphone design:
it was designed two headphone jacks, which can achieve two people play at the same time, also not worry to disturbing others ♫

Three Metal Pedals:
Soft pedals – this pedal helps you soften your tone, with good coordination.
Sustain pedal – If you need to longth the beautiful sound, hold it down and continue to increase your notes, from slight to complete, enjoy it.
Sostenuto pedal – this is a pedal that can achieve partial damping, half-pressing the pedal when you need it. ♬

Multi-function play:
Volume adjustment
Multi-tone selection
Recording control
Playback function
Split/touch function
Beat function
Bluetooth & MP3 Function
Features such as teaching functions, let you learn piano more happily in a beautiful melody!

Product Features

  • ♥♫【Progressive Hammer Keyboard】–This digital piano uses the top French DREAM sound source ,digital sampling ,for your performance to bring a lifelike auditory experience .88-key progressive lever hammer keyboard ,From treble to bass keys gradually increase,gives you the real touch of playing on the grand piano.
  • ♥♫【Input and Output Jack】–The digital piano features USB/MIDI/AUDIO/HEADPHONE TERMINAL,MIDI input/out allows you connect computer,table,phone to learn lessons easily;Audio input/output allows you to connect the external speaker,you can connect and interact with a wide variety of educational,music entertainment or other applications on a computer or Apple and Android devices.Let you enjoy music happily!
  • ♥♫【FEATURE】—3 Pedal System(Soft/Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal)/LCD Display Screen/41 Demo Songs/Dual,64 Polyphony/200 Rhythms/Built-in Stereo Speakers/Slide Cover Design.The new design and the high-end technology of modern technology are incredible, just for the sublimation of art!
  • ♥♫【Dual Earphone Design】—This product has two headphone jacks ,which can be inserted into two headphones at the same time ,Dual headphone jack makes it easy for two people to play at the same time,and you don’t worry will disturb others’ relax when you are playing.You can enjoy your music moments as much as you can!
  • ♥♫【Multi-Function】–Feature sound volume adjustment,multi-tone selection,sound recording control,playback function,split/touch control function,metronome function,teaching function etc,let you learn piano more happily in a beautiful melody!