Vox VX50BA 50-watt Bass Combo Amp

50-watt 1-channel 1×8″ Hybrid Bass Combo Amplifier with NuTube Technology, Compression, Drive, Headphone Output, and 1/4″ DI Output

Product Features

  • Ample output, and a speciallyoptimized bassreflex structure to reproduce rich lowfrequency sounds Fourstage EQ allows the bassist to precisely shape their sound Compressor lets you enjoy a tight, punchy sound
  • The VX50 BA offers 50W of smooth Vox bass tone for live or studio performances
  • The highly portable combo features a single with a 4-band EQ for thorough-yet-simple tone shaping, plus a built-in compressor to keep things tight and punchy
  • The cabinet construction is also optimized for low-end projection, so you’re sure to sound great anytime
  • The VOX VX50 BA is a compact, lightweight and cutting-edge bass amplifier with an impressive 50 watts of output power and rich, deep bass tone courtesy of the Nutube-equipped pre-amp