Pawfly Pedal Power Adapter Supply 9V DC 1A for Guitar Effect Pedal with Cable 5 Way Daisy Chain Cord

High quality daisy chain with special anti-hum.This 5 way power cable adapter is specially designed for guitar players who want to power several pedals at the same time. 5 way cable chain cord can feed your 5 pedals at the same time. No more extra power adapters, keep your pedalboard neat and tidy. The professional noise isolation performance ensures you a quiet pedal chain condition while you play.

The standard 9V power supply combo pack consists of a 9V DC 1A Power adapter and Multi-Plug cables. This allows you to use more than 99% of effect pedals currently available and it can also be used to power tip negative keyboards.

Input:AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 6.5W
Output:DC 9V 1A DC
Size:10*8*7 cm
Weight:150g / 5 ounces

Package included:
1 x 9V 1A Power Adapter
1 x 5 way Cable Daisy Chain

Product Features

  • OUTPUT: 9V DC, 1A (1000mA), Tip Negative (-) design
  • INPUT: Universal voltage AC110V~240V 50/60Hz 6.5W
  • ANTI-HUM 5 WAY SPLITTER- Perfect for powering up to 5 pedals at the same time with only one adaptor
  • Professional noise isolation performance
  • Fits for most 99% guitar effect pedals currently available