Novation BASS STATION II 25-Key Monophonic USB Keyboard Synthesizer+Carry Bag

Novation BASS STATION II 25-Key Monophonic MIDI USB Anaolg Keyboard Synthesizer. Specifications : Hardware & controller assignment:. 25 note synth-action keyboard. Aftertouch can be assigned to modulate:. Filter frequency. LFO 1to Osc pitch. Osc 2 speed. Pitch wheel. Modulation wheel can be assigned to:. LFO 2 to filter frequency. LFO 1 to Osc pitch. Osc 2 pitch. Octave up/ down buttons. 64 factory presets. 64 slots for user patches (and patch dump facility for storing more). Master volume dial. Inputs and Outputs:. USB MIDI (for connecting & powering Bass Station II via host computer). Mono output on 1/4″ TRS jack. Headphone output on 1/4″ TRS jack. External input on 1/4″ TRS jack. Sustain pedal input on 1/4″ TS jack. MIDI IN / MIDI OUT ports on 5 pin din. DC power input. Switch between power off / DC powered / bus powered. Synth Engine: Oscillators: Osc 1. Osc 2. Sub Osc (3). Noise generator. Osc 1 & 2: Select between waveforms:. sine. triangle. sawtooth. square/variable pulse width. Features: Sync 1 & 2. Detune. Octave range. Pitch bend. Pitch modulation from Mod Envelope and/or LFO 1. Pulse width modulation from Mod Envelope and/or LFO 2. Sub Osc (3) which is tracked to Osc 1: Select independently between waveforms: Sine. Square. Narrow pulse. Features: All modulation and tuning tracked to Osc 1. Independent octave select.

The Rockville Rvbag25 is a backpack style soft carry case designed for musicians who make music on the go. This style bag is perfect for transporting your 25-Key controller keyboard and with its rugged padded nylon construction this bag is tough enough to protect your gear against the rigors of travel. The Rvbag25 also features a handle, Straps and a pocket large enough to hold a 15″ laptop as well as other compartments designed to hold cables and other gear.

Compatible With:
Novation SL Mkll
Novation Launchkey MLII
Novation Remote SL

Product Features

  • Package Includes : Novation BASS STATION II 25-Key MIDI and USB Analog Keyboard Synthesizer + Rockville Soft Carry Backpack For 25-Key Keyboards Midi Controllers
  • Novation BASS STATION II 25-Key Monophonic MIDI USB Anaolg Keyboard Synthesizer. Create a huge variety of sounds – Two pure analogue, sync-able and tuneable oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator, noise and ring modulation.. Enormous bass and shrieking leads – Switch the multi-mode Classic Filter between low, hi and band pass with 12 and 24dB slopes.
  • Improved analogue filter stage – A 24dB Acid Filter that is even darker, wetter and smoother than the Classic.. Turn Jekyll to Hyde – Create crunchy, aggressive sounds with fully analogue distortion, filter-modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive.. Easily load and save patches – Comes with 64 patches that cover a huge range of styles, but you can create, save, archive and swap 64 of your own too.
  • Get instant inspiration – Record notes, ties, rests and rhythms in real time using the step sequencer and arpeggiator, then easily store them, recall them and use them with any patch you like.. Experiment easily – Get your hands on loads of controls, cleverly arranged for intuitive patch design and sound editing.. Flexible modulation – Triangle, sawtooth and square LFO waveforms, as well as sample and hold, and two ADSR envelopes for filter, pitch and pulse width modulation.
  • Rockville 25-Key Case Soft Carry Bag Backpack For 25-Key Keyboards Midi Controllers. Multiple handles and straps make transport easy. Made from rugged padded nylon to protect your gear properly. Extra thick padding! Our bag is better than bags made by other famous brands!. Weight: 2.53 lbs.. Keyboard Size: 25-Key. Internal Length: 21″. Internal Width: 13″. Internal Height: 4″