Neotech Guitar Strap (8222632)

The slim line strap series is 2″ (5, 1cm) wide and available in several connection options and many materials there’s a perfect look and style for everyone! We now offer a webbing, leather and textile-grille cloth Series. The webbing series offers fun vibrant colors, The leather Series uses top-grade leather with a rich distressed oil finish and the textile series uses Great grille cloth materials. Each of these materials is combined with the comfort of high-tech memory foam for a truly unique look and feel. This enables the strap to comfortably conform to your neck and shoulders. The material pulls away moisture which easily dissipates while keeping you cool. The low-profile design appeals to those performers wanting a more streamlined look with a touch of class.

Product Features

  • Low-profile design offers comfort and security
  • High-tech memory foam comfortably conforms to your neck and shoulders
  • material allows moisture to dissipate so you stay cool
  • Fully adjustable 65″-77″ (165, 1cm-195, 6cm)
  • Made in the USA