Kokko Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal (FOD5)

Detailed info as below: drive knob control the amount of overdrive; level Knob control the level of the signal; tone knob control the amount of high frequency; specifications: Brand: Kokko model: FOD5 Main material: aluminum alloy input impedance: 1M ohms output impedance: 10K ohms power supply: external ac adapter delivering 9V dc regulated minimum 300mA Item size: 9.4 5.1 5.3cm/ 3.7 2 2.1in Item weight: 177G/ 6.3oz package size: 10 7.5 6.2cm/ 3.9 3 2.4in Package weight: 214G/ 7.5oz.

Product Features

  • Warm and clean overdrive sound
  • Level, drive and tone adjustable
  • True bypass
  • Powered by DC adapter