Ibanez GIO GSRM20MPL Metallic Purple 28.6″ Scale 4 String Bass Guitar w/ Gig Bag

Small hands make big sounds with the Ibanez miKros. These compact guitars have many of the features of their bigger counterparts. Having trouble fitting in? If it’s because you’re pierced and tattooed and attend a prepped out conservative school far from urban areas, we can’t help you. If it’s because you need a smaller bass for the tour bus or running scales in cramped quarters, we can. The Ibanez Mikro electric bass offers anyone who needs a compact axe or the comfort of a smaller neck (most especially young rockers) a real alternative to small bass guitars that are really only toys.

Product Features

  • Includes a Gig Bag!
  • B10 bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Dynamix J bridge pickup
  • Dynamix P neck pickup