Harmonica French Harp Mouth Organ Phosphor Bronze Key of C (Chormatic Harmonica, MI2619)


Type: Chromatic harmonica

Hole: 10

Tones: 40 tone

Mouthpiece material: brass

Side Slide: Brass

Reed: phosphor bronze

Reed plate: Brass

Cover: Stainless steel

Comb: Black ABS

Apply: blues, rock, country, folk, jazz, and other styles

Level: Beginner

Package includes:

1 x chromatic harp

1 x manual book

1 x cleaning cloth

Product Features

  • Designed for beginners: The reeds of this chromatic harmonica are made of phosphor bronze, which produce louder, yet more mellow sounds than brass reeds. Includes 10 holes and 40 tones, a C-scale that produces blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz melodies, among others.
  • No stick: CNC manufactured reeds make this chromatic harmonica extremely precise, with just a 0.03mm gap separating the plate and reed. With tight air sealing mechanisms, this harmonica keeps accurates ones without sticking. There is no need to warm it up before playing.
  • Pre-tuned: Every chromatic harmonica is manually tuned by our experienced craftsmen to bring you razor sharp accuracy with each tone.
  • Easy play: After conducting dozens of tests and experiences, we selected the optimal mouthpiece shape for this chromatic harmonica to bring it as close to your mouth as possible to help you conserve your breath.
  • Warranty: Each package includes a 60-day warranty, so in the rare case that you encounter a problem with your chromatic harmonica, simply contact us for a swift and helpful solution.