Hall 3-way Banjo Bracket Tuning Key Wrench by my-banjo

A Banjo bracket tuning key/wrench with ¼” 9/32″ 5/16″ hex sockets. A versatile key wrench for use with the majority of Banjos made today. All three sockets in one key, easy grip user friendly small lightweight and strong. Mainly all steel construction with chromium plating, especially designed and manufactured for the Banjo, has deep hexagonal sockets for installing and adjusting the Banjo skin head and bracket tension hook nuts, also the tailpiece hex nut screw and armrest nut, handy Banjo tuning key/wrench accessory, has a small ‘Banjo’ imprint detail across the centre part on both sides, A must have for Banjo case or workshop, a gift for the Banjo player musician. UK Registered Design Number 4007569 European Union Patent Registered Design Number RCD 000946561-0001 Worldwide patents pending. www.mybanjo.co.uk COPYRIGHT material belonging to Derrick J. Hall. The text content and images within this listing are copyright of the owner Derrick J. Hall. Theft of my text content and images (including image manipulation) will be reported to Amazon swiftly. Additionally, the Hall Banjo Key Wrench is a registered intellectual property belonging to the owner Derrick J. Hall. Theft of my protected intellectual property will be lawfully reported also immediately to Amazon. Copyright © 2008 Derrick J. Hall. All Rights reserved.

Product Features

  • All three sockets in one easy grip.
  • Sizes 1/4″ 9/32″ 5/16″
  • Perfect also for owners of more than one style or banjo manufacture.
  • User friendly small lightweight and strong.
  • Sturdy and ergonomically compelling.