Guitar Reference Poster is an Educational Reference Poster with Chords, Chord Formulas and Scales for Guitar Players and Teachers 24′ X 36″

This 24″ x 36″ one-of-a-kind guitar chords and scales poster is an incredibly powerful tool for guitar players, teachers and songwriters. The poster is printed on 100lb glossy stock poster paper. Each poster is shipped rolled up in a plastic bag and packaged in a shipping tube for delivery.

Product Features

  • 49 Open Chords with 96 Movable Chords all Major, Minor and Dominant Chords, Diminished and Augmented Chords with Notes on the Fretboard
  • Chord Formulas and Circle of Fifths with the Major Pentatonic Scale and Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Major Scale Intervals (Ionian) with Major Scale Intervals (Ionian) and Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian)
  • Chromatic Intervals with Major and Minor Chords in every key and 13 Chord Progressions