Guitar Capo, OMEDI Capos for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Guitar Accessories Trigger Capo for Ukulele Banjo Mandolin capos

This guitar capo is easy to use and very fast to change to a higher pitch or lower one to hold the strings nice and tight. It designed for acoustic electric 6-string guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin , bass.

The capo has two functions: tunings and string nail pulling. The spring is made of stainless steel, which has good elasticity, very durable, useful and pretty suitable for different instruments

It’s also a perfect gift for friends.Trigger Guitar Capo is well constructed and made of zinc alloy durable material in a convenient and portable size, suitable for different guitars of widths

OMEDI produced product very high in quality with lifetime warranty for a professional guitar capo. Our ongoing efforts to make customers a better experience. Please feel free to contact our Service Department If you have any questions

Package included:

1 x Guitar Capo

Color: Black

Size: 2.7×1.2×3.3inch

Product Features

  • Perfect sound tight on strings and no more fret buzz.Extra function of the guitar capo with the String nail pulling to help pull out the string nail more easily
  • Delicate silicone pad will protect your instrument against damage.Steel Spring with internal memory to put enough pressure on the instrument
  • Can be quickly and easily released and repositioned.It fits perfectly for Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Violin
  • The strong spring action clamps it firmly in place.Easily to change position between frets on stage with one hand
  • Professional capo built to last.High performance to stay in tune with a great intonation in all frets