Guitar Accessories Kit Include Guitar Strings, Guitar Picks,Guitar Bridge Nut & Saddle,Bridge Pins, Tuner, Capo,Strap,Pick Holder, Restring Tool,Finger Protector,Finger Guitar Picks,Chord Chart


Product: Guitar Accessories Kit
Quantity:70 packs
Package Included:
1 x Guitar 3-in-1 Restring Tool(String Winder, Cutter and Bridge Pin Puller)
18 x Guitar Strings (3 sets, 6pcs/each set)
1 x Guitar Tuner (with instructions)
20 x Guitar Picks ( 10 x Celluloid and 10 x ABS, random color)
1 x Guitar Capo
4 x Finger Picks (1 index ,3 Thumb, random color)
5 x Guitar Silicone Finger Protector
2 x Pick Holder
1 x Guitar Chord Chart
12 x Guitar Pins (6 white, 6 black)
2 x Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle (1 white, 1 black)
2 x Guitar Bone Bridge Nut (1 white, 1 black)
1 x Guitar strap

Product Features

  • 3 Sets Acoustic Guitar Strings(Red Copper,Brass and Multicoloured),Each Set Include 6pcs Guitar Strings:E-1st 0.3mm; B-2nd 0.4mm; G-3rd 0.6mm; D-4th 0.81mm; A-5th 1.06mm; E-6th 1.34mm
  • Unique Design 3-in-1 Restring Tool:This Tool Has Three Functions:String Winder, String Cutter and Bridge Pin Puller.Don’t get a Bunch of Useless Tools Anymore.
  • Medium Guage Celluloid and ABS Material Guitar Picks: 0.71mm Thickness ,Medium Thickness Provides Natural Feeling and Warm Sound. You Can Also Use for Ukelele Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars.And Your Guitar Picks will Never Miss with the Pick Holder.
  • High Quality and Sensitive Tuner Choose Mode Include: Guitar,Bass,Violin,Ukulele,Chromafic.
  • Wildly Use: Classic,Electric,Bass and Acoustic Guitars as well as Ukulele.They are the Best Gift for Guitar Lover, Boys, Girls and Musicians.