Dean Edge 1 6-String Bass Guitar, Vintage Mahogany

When 4 or 5 isn’t enough, Dean has answered your wishes. The edge 1 6 string bass may have a price point that is generally found with lesser quality instruments but once you put your hands on this and plug it in, you will be taken back. Mahogany body with a durable maple neck with black walnut fingerboard make the perfect bass for anyone looking to dabble in the 6 string world or anyone needing to add one to their arsenal.

Product Features

  • Construction: bolt-on neck
  • Body & top material: Mahogany
  • Fretboard Material: walnut; neck Material: Maple
  • Bridge: High-Mass bass Bridge
  • Pickup Bridge/neck: DMT design humbucker
  • guitar_pickup_configuration: humbucker