Burton Acoustix Series 9 – Ultra High Density 200 Kilograms/m3 Soundproofing Panels – Designed by Sound Engineers – Good for Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment – 12 x 12 Inches – 5 Piece Pack

Do you know that a usual soundproofing project cost up to $4,500..?

Due to layers in existing value chain – Manufacturers, Distributors, Marketers, Renovators.

But we understand that Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment can be complex, that’s why we created Burton Acoustix.

Removing existing layers and Re-inventing COST-EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE, PROVEN ways to make soundproofing simple and effective for you.

Introducing Series 9 – A Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment Beast that beats “in-the-market” product by 10x.


Not only that, but we made sure that ALL PANELS are made with you in mind:Modular Design (5 ft/pack)Manufactured in Cleanroom (No Contaminants)Contains 100% FibreNot A Single Drop of ChemicalsAwarded Class B1 Fire Retardant
Suffering from Loud Neighbouring Noise or Bad Interior Acoustics?

Follow steps below and feel the difference right away!

Sound Proof (Loud Neighbouring Noise)

Step 1: Identify noise leakage (Hear for noise transmitting through walls/ceilings/doors)

Step 2a: Attach Panels covering ENTIRE wall/ceiling in a flushed manner

Step 2b (Door): Attach Panels covering ENTIRE door, couple with weatherstrip and underlay door draft to cover the gaps when doors are closed

Acoustic Treatment (Bad Interior Acoustics)

Step 1: Identify Center of Activity (C.O.A) – Where most conversation/music takes place

Step 2: Identify reflection points of C.O.A (On 4 Walls and Ceiling)

Step 3: Line them with Panels – Cover at least 30-50% of surfaces

Feel the difference right away !

Wait no more !

Purchase now and enjoy the same service and quality like our MNC Clients do !

Product Features

  • ✅ DENSEST IN MARKET- Iconic 230kg/m3 Density. 10x better than Acoustic Foam / Traditional Acoustic Panels / Low Density Polyester Fibre Products
  • ✅ DESIGNED BY SOUND ENGINEERS – Reduce up to 80-85% of noise when installed properly. Step-by-Step Guide Illustrated in Photos!
  • ✅ CLEAN, SAFE, NO CHEMICALS AT ALL – 100% Fibre, No Chemicals, No Irritants, No Toxic, Just Pure Love !
  • ✅ NO HASSLE, SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Attach these panels using 3M VHB Tape (Sold Separately). No hassle !
  • ✅ SOUNDPROOFING MADE EASY – Just follow the laid-out steps in the photos. Let us know of unclear situation. 100% Money-Back if unsatisfied. Simple !