9V DC Power Adapter 1.7A Tip Negative Regulated Power Supply for Guitar Effects Pedals by Coda Music Technologies

If you’re looking for a high quality power adapter that doesn’t hog space on your power strip or pedal board, our 9V regulated power adapter is your ideal solution. Not to be confused with cheap, bulky, and often times – noisy wall warts; our power adapter has ferrite magnetic ring isolation to reduce noise and hum while being powerful enough to handle multiple pedals at once. 1700mA makes it more powerful than anything else on the market, and just because we like you, we’ve included a velcro wrap to keep you organized!

Power your standard BOSS, DOD, DigiTech, JHS, MXR pedals, and more. Using one of the optional daisy chain additions you can power 5 or even 10 effects pedals with ease, depending on individual voltage requirements.

It is 9V center-negative power input which is the industry standard but it’s always best to check your pedals first.

• LED indicator and overload protection

• Reusable velcro cable wrap for organization

• Noise and hum-reduction with ferrite magnetic ring solution.

• 6.5 foot 22 AWG cable

Product Features

  • FITS INDSUTRY STANDARD GUITAR PEDALS – Center-negative, 5.5 mm O.D, 2.1 mm I.D., 9.5 mm L barrel connector
  • EXTENDED LENGTH CABLE – 6.5 foot 22 AWG cable
  • POWER MULTIPLE PEDALS – with the optional 5 way or 10 way daisy chain
  • REDUCED NOISE – Ferrite magnetic ring significantly reduces noise caused by facility power constraints