SoundOff by Evans Full Box Set, Fusion

Soundoff drum mutes allow players to practice on their normal drum sets in relative silence while preserving realistic feel and rebound characteristics. The fusion box set includes mute sizes to fit 10-12-14 Inch toms, a 14 Inch snare, a cymbal mute, a 20 Inches ride mute, a 14 Inches hi-hat mute and the size adjustable soundoff bass mute.

Product Features

  • Drum mutes for fusion-sized kits; 10,12,14,14(snare) plus bass and cymbal mutes
  • Adjustable bass mute fits 18″ to 26″ bass drums
  • Realistic cymbal and hi-hat rebound
  • A great gift for any drummer; practice at home without having to worry about volume control
  • All SoundOff by Evans drum mutes are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards in the industry