RockJam 61 Key (RJ461 61-Key Portable Electric Keyboard Power Supply, Sheet Music Stand, Pitch Bend and Simply Piano App, 61 Key (

The Rock Jam RJ461 is a 61 key electric keyboard piano that comes with a power supply, sheet music stand and keyboard note stickers. Powered by either mains power (power supply included) or batteries (no included) this keyboard piano is portable enough to make music on the move despite it’s extensive feature list. The keyboard itself has a LCD display, pitch bend and 61 keys. It’s outputs and inputs include headphone, USB and Micro SD so you can practice in peace in addition to playing along to your favorite beats or backgrounds via it’s MP3 Playback. There are no limits to your creations with 300 rhythms and tones, 40 different demo songs and a record and playback function (118 notes) meaning you can layer your music using one of the 61 percussion instruments. If your a beginner, the inbuilt learning function along with exclusive content from the Simply Piano application (Android & IOS) means you will be playing you favorite songs in no time. with the note stickers giving you the helping had to get started.

Product Features

  • Despite its highly portable and compact design This RockJam keyboard piano houses the full 61 keys
  • Powered by either mains (power adapter included) or batteries This RockJam keyboard is ideal for making music both when at home and on the move
  • The Inbuilt LCD display on this RockJam keyboard piano provides you with information on your current settings and even provides you with feedback whilst you play, like the current key in use
  • Looking to play along to your favorite songs? No problem for this RockJam keyboard piano, with a micro SD, aux in and USB inputs it had all your playback methods are covered
  • This RockJam keyboard piano combines 61 percussion instruments, 300 rhythms and 300 tones meaning that you can really let your creative juices flow without limitations
  • For beginners taking their first steps on a musical journey the RockJam keyboard piano is an excellent option. Exclusive simply piano app content (iOS & Android) and Key notes stickers provide you with the great head start for learners both young and old
  • Looking to create a fuller sound or listen to your compositions back Then the RockJam keyboard piano provides you with a 118 note recording feature, Ideal for making your own backbeat before playing your melodies
  • For reading music whilst you play the RockJam keyboard piano comes with sheet music stand, ideal for supporting either your sheet music or tablet devices