Harmonica, Standard Diatonic Key of C 10 Holes 10 Tones Blues Mouth Organ Harp For Kids, Beginners, Professional, Students,by GOCTOS


Because its tone has considerable imitative power, it is a bit melancholy in beauty.

At the same time, the unique pressure-pressing technique makes the 10-hole harmonica unique,

so it is suitable for blues, rock, country, folk, jazz and other styles.

It is also the most commonly used harmonica for animation, film and television entertainment and popular music.

Some people can play a guitar while playing a ten-hole harmonica, which is the band’s first choice!

Harmonica lattice is made of ABS plastic and resin material, safe and non-toxic, the body is smooth and delicate, to protect your health.

The two sides of the harmonica are fixed with stainless steel double screws, making the overall structure strong.

Product Features

  • Perfect Tone Quality and Timbre: Phosphor Bronze harp reed is easier to get the higher pitch,pefect tone quality and timbre. Design for labor saving.
  • Clean & Hygienic: Screw Fixation is convenient for unpack and maintenance. Use alcohol to swab it,clean & hygienic.
  • Compact Size: Main material is stainless steel, light and handy.Streamlined body design technology is suitable for the human body,perfect holding feeling.
  • Various Styles & Easily Play: Build in richeter system suitable for Blues, Folk and Pop. Great for practising or someone starting to learn with basic instruction.
  • Package Contains: 1 x Harmonica, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Plastic Case