Harmonica, Mugig Professional Harmonica, Standard Diatonic 10 Hole with 1.2mm Plate Structure, Suitable for Any Occasion, like Blues, Folk, Jazz and Pop, Key of C


This Mugig blues harmonica C is elegant and exquisite for professional players

If you are looking for quality and professional product this is the right choice for you.


Reed:phosphor bronze

Cover plate:stainless steel






The reed of this Mugig harmonica is welding on the seat plate above, compared to the fixed one,this harmonic’s pronunciation is more sensitive and more solid.

Each piece of reed have to go through fatigue test and other test to make sure it is durable and each reed would sound perfectly, before it is finished. Cleaning Routine and Maintenance Method:

1.Daily care:

Use a dry clean cloth to wipe it after each usage. And put it at a dry and windy place to dry it.

It is better if you use a little amount of alcohol to sterilize the harmonica.

2.Monthly Care(Deep Cleansing)

Put it into a bowl of water and then use a toothbrush to gently brush the cover plate and soundboard.

Then dry it at a cool dry place.

All the harmonicas we sell have a 6 months warranty,if you are not happy with what you get,please contact us we will make it right to you.

Product Features

  • Professional Harmonica. 1.2mm Thicken Plate is better than the regular 0.9mm version, which guarantee a better hermeticity and higher tonal precision.
  • Comfortable and Durable: Smooth nickel-plated Stainless steel structure and built-in phosphor bronze reeds make the use of this harmonica more comfortable and durable.
  • Portable and Convenient. Pocket size with fully enclosed ends which minimizes air leakage. Suitable for outdoor activities, such as party, performance and travel.
  • Wide scope of application. Not only suitable for blues, country, folk, jazz and pop music, but also perfectly fit for soundtrack, animation and video entertainment.
  • Small and Exquisite. An excellent musical gift for your beloved. Meanwhile we provide you welcome guide and our worry-free 12-month warranty.