Guitar Capo Guitar Accessories Trigger Capo with 6 Free Guitar Picks for Acoustic and Electric Guitars – Also Quick Change Ukulele & Banjo Capos (Black)

That’s the capo your guitar needs! It’s the best gift for your guitar no matter you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass. It also works well for ukulele, banjo, mandolin or other string instruments.

1. Made of zinc alloy, strong and durable.
2. Elegant, concise and curved shape design, fits Guitar and other musical instruments well, has excellent hand feeling.
3. Quality steel spring with internal memory that stands wear and tear.
4. Quality silicon pad conforms to fingerboard and frets can ensure good sound and avoid scratching.
5. The excellent structure on the basis of mechanics theory design, easy to open, but can clamp firmly and easy to stay in tune.

If you like to change capo positions frequently or add and remove the capo quickly between songs,  It can be moved or removed with one hand without disturbing tuning. You can use it to figure out new chord shapes and fingerings for familiar songs by playing in the original key but in a different position on the guitar neck.
The guitar capo also can replace the string, adopted a professional design in the end or handle for adjusting guitar bolt, so convenient and utility.

Lotmusic guitar capo is the best capo with the lowest cost. We dare to compare with any others. No matter the quality or the cost.

Weight: 60g.
Capo Color: Black
Guitar Picks Color: Color Random
Warranty: Lifetime
Package included: 
1* Guitar Capo 
5 * 0.71 Celluloid Guitar Picks.

Product Features

  • High Quality Zinc Metal : lotmusic guitar capo is made of zinc metal material. The material is hard, not easy to deform and not easy to damage. The surface of the product is processed by electroplating and is provided with transparent baking varnish to ensure the guitar capo would not rusty.
  • Finer Product Details : Moderate spring strength, Strong stretchability, high fatigue resistance,will not deformed easily. High-quality silicone pad soft enough to protect your instrument’s finish, no more scratches on the instrument, ensure that no buzzing sounds during guitar capo movement and does not damage the strings.
  • Effective Performance :The strong spring action clamps it firmly in place, the guitar capo will put just enough pressure on each guitar. Quickly and easily releases and repositions with one hand without disturbing tuning, comfortable to use, no difficulty for adult or children to use.
  • Univeral Guitar Capo : this guitar capo can be applied to a variety of musical instruments, such as acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, ukulele,bass, banjo and mandolin and other instruments to meet the needs of various users.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your guitar capo, please contact us for replacement or full amount of money back. Our friendly customer service will provide you with a proper solution within 24 hours.