Franklin Strap – 2.5″ Glove Leather with Suede Backing and Quick Release Loop – Resonator Strap – Dobro Strap – Black

The Resonator Series offers the same combination of supple glove leather with a thick suede backing found on our Original Series glove leather straps. The suede backing helps keep the guitar stationary as well as adding to the comfort. Suede end tabs combined with the glove leather body for a great handcrafted vibe.

Product Features

  • Handmade in America
  • 2.5″ Wide Premium Glove Leather with Suede Backing
  • Quick Release Nylon Loop For Resonator
  • Classic style with Franklin signature end tab
  • Adjusts from 60″ to 74″ and that includes the length of the nylon loop which we’ve reproduced to be a bit longer than what’s shown in the picture.