Bonetti Concertina 30 Key, 60 Reed Natural Color Accordion with Case

Bonetti Concertina 30 Key Accordion – 60 Reed, Natural Color with Case

Each Bonetti Concertina Accordion is a carefully handcrafted piece of art. Each accordion is individually tuned in Italy to the key of C/G for the perfect sound. The 40 reed design allows the concertina accordion to play 2 1/2 octaves. It is a perfect instrument for a number of uses due to the high quality of this product at such a reasonable price.

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The Bonetti Concertina Accordion comes complete with a hard-sided carrying case so it is always protected. We also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if there is something wrong, tell us and we will get it fixed!

30 Key Bonetti Concertina Accordion
Hard-sided Carrying Case
Satisfaction Guarantee!

Product Features

  • QUALITY: This Anglo-style Concertina accordion is a beautiful, hard-carved accordion. Complete with fine leather hand and button straps.
  • CRAFTMANSHIP: Each Concertina Accordion is hand tuned in Italy to the Key of C/G for the best sound with an Anglo style design.
  • SOUND: This accordion has 60 reeds, allowing it to cover 2 1/2 octaves.
  • COLOR: The natural finish in this concertina is flawless making it asthetically pleasing as well as producing a full and beautiful sound
  • PROTECTION: The Accordion comes with a hardsided carrying case perfect for safe transport to and from band concerts, events, gigs, school, or home