Asixx Sound Recording Module, 30s Recordable Music Sound Voice Module Chip 0.5W with Button Battery for Making Creative Gifts, DIY Card, Gift Box, Cake Box, Flower Box(photosensitive Control)


Power Supply: Button cell

Control Method: Key control, photosensitive control, wired double button control (Optional)

Audio Output: 0.5W/16Ω

Recording Time: 30s

Changing Method: Repeatedly record

Module Size(L * W): 50 * 40mm / 1.97 * 1.57inch; Speaker Size: 30mm / 1.18inch

Gross Weight: 50g



1. Long press the recording button, then start recording after a “beep” sound. After the 30 seconds, there is double “beep, beep” sound, meaning the ending of the recording.

2. Press the play button to play your recording after all recording finished; Press the play button to stop playing when playing recording. (For key control or wired double button control modules)

3. This module will play your recording when exposed to light after all recording finished; and stop playing when kept away from light. (For photosensitive control module)


Package List:

1 x Recordable Voice Module with 3 Button cells

Product Features

  • 30s sound recordable module, with speaker, microphone and button.
  • You can re-record your message as many times as you wish.
  • This is an ideal module for you to express your feelings to your friends, lover and family.
  • Three kinds of styles, that are key control, photosensitive control, wired double button control for your selection.
  • Application to the production of creative gifts, such DIY card, gift box, cake box, flower box, chocolate boxes.